About Donations

The climate crisis is likely the biggest challenge humankind faces today. After hundreds of years of unchecked polluting, and with current levels of carbon emissions only increasing, we need to funnel money directly to the most effective solutions which can really help save our planet.

The most effective charities are up to 100x more effective per dollar or pound donates. Therefore, Neutro invests a lot of time researching the best and most efficient charities. The question we constantly ask ourselves is “How can we make the biggest possible impact combating  climate change?”. While this may seem obvious, often the most effective solution will not be the most apparent.

The founders of Neutro are part of the Effective Altruism community, so we started researching the best ways to save our planet long before we started developing the Neutro app. We believe that to beat the climate change challenge, we are going to need to back highly ambitious projects that invest in technologies that could drastically reduce carbon emissions.

Key Question

Q: Do you actually plant trees?

A: Not necessarily. We donate to the best charities we can find, these charities potentially remove 100X more CO2 out of the air than the typical tree planting charity. New research actually finds that planting trees can sometimes be harmful to the environment. When we write how many trees we plant with each purchase, you are seeing the trees-equivalent to the CO2 your money is helping remove from the air.

At the moment we are proud to donate to the Clean Air Task Force (https://www.catf.us/) because of their combination of long term varied project backing, and their connections and network that allow them to use the money we donate efficiently.

Q: How much of each transaction is donated?

A: We charge the merchant 1% of each transaction, all of which goes to environmental charities. While we are likely to start taking a small part of this fee to cover our cost, at least 80% of it will always go to environmental charities fighting the climate crisis. We estimate that donating almost 1% of each transaction ensures, on average, the carbon neutrality of your purchase.